Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dear Blog,

I am sorry that i have neglected you for quite some time. I know i promised that i am going to write here every now and then but i have not written at all for the last 7 months. I will make it up to you.


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Saturday, March 17, 2012

time check: 2:30am

wide awake. ice cream. movie. mind is out of nowhere. heart's still pumping. so far, so good.

Friday, March 9, 2012


hello 2012!


it's already march.

i almost forgot that i have an existing account in here that needs to be updated every now and then.

well, howd i start? i won the lottery and got millions of money. i am now one heck of a millionaire. i bought a house and lot, 4 luxury cars, a resort, and traveled around the world. i've got jewelries, perfumes and shoes much more than imelda marcos has.... i made my relatives rich... parties here and there. i am enjoying a life i always imagine to have.

but of course, i am joking. another boohoo....

ok, kidding aside, i am still the same old me. jobless and loveless. happy? yes! and oh, forget about the loveless thing that i mentioned because i am inlove XD its just that its so complicated, i can not tell it in full details. big SIGH.

i promise that i am going to write an update here soon. in full details. like a novel. i need to head off real quick. bye for now :)


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

all i want for christmas is...

...a brand new life!!!

can that be possible? i just want to fully recover and move on to all the bad things that happened in my life for i didnt deserve this. yes, i dont.... but if incase i am deserving for all these sufferings, let it be enough as i had a lot and i can not handle it now.. need to reboot my system =p

Friday, November 5, 2010

gadi's first bday party

the first bday party of gadi is megafantastic, super dooper fun!!! it was a successful party!!! i am so happy that i, with the help of my family and friends, was able to manage the special day of my son :)

so to make this complete - i would like to thank the following people:

1. ABHIE and ATE GRACE - thanks for the invitations. i surely love the design.

2. CATHY - thanks for the videos and pictures. i haven't seen it all, but i promise to upload it on facebook! :)

3. DAVE aka TRISHA - despite the distance, you will always be my one and only bebe. thank you! cake's delicious :))

4. DENDEN, MIMI and JOEL - thanks for the advance gifts. bought gadi lots of milk and diapers. hehe

5. ATE LEAH - thanks for your unfailing love and support. i love you! :)

6. PPI FAMILY - thank you for remembering my son. you guys never fail to surprise me! :)

7. ATE GIE - thanks for the clothes you sent. i truly appreciate it. gadi wore the pants on his celebration, it perfectly fits! :D

8. DEE - you dont know how much i adore you. i sometimes hate you and we had arguments but we've known each other for years and you never change. i love you and i mean it, i never said it to you because i dont want you to mock me or laugh at me. i hope that i made you feel it somehow.. thanks for everything dee, again, i love you! xx

9. DAD, MOM and IVAN - i love you guys. you are one of the reasons i keep holding on. thank you for the support and thanks for taking care of me and gadi.

10. and to the LORD ALMIGHTY - thank You for all the blessings. i can not do all of this without You. i praise You with all my heart. :)

party was held in mcdonald's. it was really worth it. everyone had fun as i can see that on their faces. :)))) thanks for the 120 guests who partied with us!!!

im looking forward for family outing!!! swimming!!! woot woot!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

or maybe not...

mom wants to go out of town. my brother wants to have a party in mcdonalds. my dad's clueless....

and i am torn.

i wish that i can have enough budget to get all these things done. my savings not enough though. it is always embarassing to not give your child the best. i now know and understand my mom how she feels when i brag her to give me something and she cant... **sigh**

Thursday, September 16, 2010

planning starts!

it's gonna be my son's 1st birthday.. party! party!

oh ghad, i cant think of any way to celebrate it! kfc?! jollibee?! mcdonalds?! party at home with clowns and lotsa games?! hayyyyy :((((((((((

where and what and how will i celebrate it????? i have one more month to plan and by hook or by crook - GADI WILL HAVE A BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!! :D

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

welcome to the CSR world

i am going to start a new chapter of my life on monday. yay! am a bit excited and worried, i do hope that things come up in a nice and better way. i dont want to mess up and as much as possible, i will try not to be clumsy and remain calm in case i malfunction. :P

Sunday, March 14, 2010

bebe and me :)

t'was in the year 2005, month of february, i was hired to sit in the front office as the receptionist of a corporate office. i know no one from that office except the guy who called me up and asked me to come for an interview and the HR manager who wore a plain white shirt, jogging pants and a running shoes, not to mention that she was chewing a gum while she interviews me. :P (cool yeah?)

my first day was indeed a boring day, nothing to do, i see no one except the plants in the reception area. no visitors come and no calls to answer. the general manager who seemed to be the one am going to report to was out of the country so i was really stucked there for 10 hours!

i didnt expect that i will meet a lot of filipinos in that office. i was a bit relieved and happy to see people talk like me. but of course, as a newcomer, i was shy! it's like i dont care if nobody speaks to me. i eat alone during lunch breaks. i hide apples under my table, pringles and a can of pepsi in my drawer. :p

the first 3 days in that office was a complete boredom! until one afternoon, my phone rang and the call was also from inside the office. the voice on the other line politely asked my name, i was so happy that finally someone noticed me! yay, i exist! lol. kidding aside, i was excited when he asked me to join them for lunch but because i am a shy girl, i refused his invitation and said "thank you, i am fine here with my apple!" hehehe.

since then, we started calling each other even if we stay in the same office :) i enjoyed the stories he tells me and he visits me in the reception area whenever he's free.

i thank God that i found a friendship in him. my life would never be this happy if i didn't meet DAVE. adventures and fun followed as we slowly get to know each other. :)

dave and i travelled out of the country for 4 times. it makes me smile whenever i remember the moments we had. we go clubbing and dance like there's no one in the dancefloor! we both hunt the same specie - cute and handsome GUYS! lol, yes, he's a girl hiding in a man's body. btw, she sounds like a girl over the telephone :P we talk even the most nonsense thing on earth and put a sense on it. lol. i cant remember any moment that we had an argument, not at all! plus, there'll never be a dull moment with him, just purely fun :D

although we have to part ways, well, for some reason, he has to work in another place and even if we are not together anymore, we remain friends, bestfriends for 5 years!! woot woot!! i am so grateful for the chance that the Lord has given me to meet dave. i know that the first time we met will become FOREVER.... i do hope that in God's perfect time, we can be together again, just like how we planned it. :)

bebe and me :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

my super girlfriend

after 9 months, i finally get the chance to meet leah again :) she's one of the best person i knew, a best friend, a sister...

she helped me when i was still pregnant and guided me what to do and not to do during those times. she's a good listener and someone you can lean on in your most difficult moments. she's a good adviser too. i miss the cigarettes and tequila sessions during our day off. :) i enjoyed the years i had with her.
when i flew back home, i know that it will be difficult for us to be together again, or rather i say, impossible, but she came home and meet me! we met in a mall, had a long day of chit chats. we went to look for her cocktail dress as she has to attend one when she comes back to dubai. how i miss the moments that i put her make up and curl her hair :)

i am just so glad to see her again. hope to get a chance for us to be together again.

Monday, March 1, 2010

my son's 1st icecream experience

time flies too fast. my baby starts eating now, he's only 4 months old yet he wants to taste everything! :)

Sunday, February 28, 2010

my birthday

yes! it's a happy day!!!

though, it's not that glamorous compared to the past celebrations i had but this is truly one of the best birthdays in my life.

i celebrate the 26th year of being alive with my son, we went to church and had mcdonalds! :) then i ordered grilled chicken and bought icecream to have it for lunch at home with my family.

i received few greetings from friends, their birthday wishes completed my day :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

will they ever be friends?!

NEVER!!! :p

flowers from my bestfriend

i am not a good photographer but i hope i got the best shot. these are the valentine presents i received from my bestfriend. it isn't the usual red roses but these are better and i really really love it!

**thanks babe! kisses xx**

Friday, January 1, 2010

my goals and new year's resolution for 2010

1. i won't invite negative thoughts anymore. no negative vibes will ruin me this year. **swear!**

2. i will forget all the bad memories. **i hope to make it**

3. no more cigarettes and beer sessions! i aim for healthy and clean living life. :P

4. goodbye poor attitude and reckless acts.

5. i will soon start to save money for my child. **sigh**

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010

2009 was a bit rough to me. so many downs and rejections, though ive a lot of memories to smile and laugh about....

here's a quick recap of my 2009:

i was a rich girl during this month. my company handed me the 4k usd prize from the raffle of our company christmas party. woot woot! but as easy as 1-2-3, that money was gone due to the fact that i paid some of my credit cards.

my birthday! my conception! and a roller coaster ride in my work! indeed an up and down. i celebrated my birthday with all my closest friends not knowing that it was the last celebration with them. when i found out that i was pregnant, i knew it was the end of my days. it's not that i am not happy being pregnant but its just that i had to make sacrifices and priorities, including my position at work, not to mention that my manager gives me headache everyday pushed me to go through a decision....

chocolates, chocolates and lots of chocolates!!! that's one i craved and also carbonara, guava and pickled raddish. hmmmm yummy!

i heard the first heartbeat of my baby through an ultrasound!!! despite of the morning sickness, i had to work in full time shift and my shitty manager gave me real hard time staying in office for 10 hours, i seriously wanted to resign that time. i dont want to remember how ridiculous my ex manager was but she's a psycho!

morning sickness finally left me.

i came to know the gender of my baby! its a boy! woot! woot! i had my baby shower and i received an incredibly unexpected gifts from my friends and officemates. lucky that i didnt have to buy stuff for my baby anymore :)

left my office and flew home! home sweet home!:) the excitement covered the sadness of leaving the country i built a life for years. i was so happy to see my family again after 3 years!

it felt like am just having a long vacation. endless chats with my mom everyday while waiting for the arrival of my little one.

i was just stucked at home because of neverending storms. we've been flooded and electricity was on and off. it was one of the most disgusting time of my life. i hate floods!

the long wait was finally over, it was the hardest time of my life when i had to go an emergency caesarian delivery because of too little amniotic fluid and for the love of God, everything went well, the baby's fine and so am i. i will never forget that i had to argue with the doctor because as much as possible i dont want a stitch on my tummy and she was so mad at me, who wont be?

enjoying motherhood. twas pretty hard but everything's worthy!

i celebrated holidays with my family, finally after 5 years away from them. it wasnt that glamorous and extravagant compared last year but 2009 was the best. 1st christmas and NYE with my son and held my son's christening on the same day with my patron saint's feast. truly one of the best days of my life.